New Foundations is a pioneering christian mission using innovative training to deliver grass roots evidenced-based medicine to marginalised communities in the volatile Niger Delta.

Latest News:  

Teaching programme trialled  

We now have a teaching course of 117 videos , with over 50 made in house with local dialect teaching that cover theoretical knowledge, practical procedures and 3D anatomical teaching with bespoke software.

April Training1

There is nothing really ideal for rural community health worker training on the market and sending workers to Health and Technology courses locally has been reasonably unproductive with those returning saying only 40-50% of the three year course was relevant to their work.

April Training2

April Training3

Training therefore on the job has proved a better route and the course is downloadable to workers smartphones on a 25Gb data card with an accompanying training manual and two training books. The evaluating exam will be in November when we audit the pilot. 

There is no substitute for teaching with real patients. Here Rose treats a child with severe pneumonia whilst  junior workers see the signs to look for, learn examination and appropriate treatment, a vital part of the training program.